From ‘Harmonic Telegraph’ to Cellular Phones

The history of the telephone with Benjamin Franklin Medal Awardee Dr. Bishnu Atal

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7th Annual Research Festival

PhD and Undergraduate Research on Display


Meet the 2015-2016 MHI Ph.D. Scholars

MHI Selects New 15/16 MHI Ph.D. Scholars


EE Pioneer Series – Jerry M. Mendel

Did you miss the EE Pioneer Series with Jerry Mendel? Watch the video, here.


Design and analysis of communication networks, including next-generation Internet, cooperative wireless networks, optical networks, cognitive radio systems, sensor networks and mobile-based sensing, vehicular networks, underwater networks, and social networks.

Computation & Devices

This thrust focuses on materials, devices, technologies, architectures, and computer tools towards realization energy-efficient, fast, and reliable computation systems beyond Moore’s Law in 2020. Examples include quantum engineering and quantum information processing.


Research and development in devices, signals and systems targeting critical problems in biology and biomedicine with scientific and translational impact on human health and well being.