2011 Agenda

2011 Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering Retreat hosted by the Ming Hsieh Institute
Saturday, March 26 – Sunday, March 27, Lake Arrowhead Resort & Spa

Retreat Agenda (PDF)
Saturday, 3/26/11

    11:30am Buffet lunch- Ballroom Foyer

    1:00pm Welcome by the MHI leadership, status report of MHI sponsored activities, and introduction to the program.

    1:30pm Structured Brainstorming Session on “Current and Future Roles of Electrical Engineering in Human Health and Wellbeing” moderated by Prof. Leahy. Organizing Faculty: Profs. Molisch, Narayanan, Povinelli

    2:30pm Coffee break – back of the Ballroom

    3:00pm Structured Brainstorming Session on “Computing Beyond Moore’s Law” moderated by Prof. Gupta. Organizing Faculty: Profs. Annavaram, Hashemi, Levi, Pinkston, Zhou

    4:00pm Coffee break & hotel check-in for remaining guests and Ph.D. students (hotel lobby)

    4:30pm Structured Brainstorming Session on “Creating an Intelligent Networked World” moderated by Prof. Caire. Organizing Faculty: Profs. Brun, Dimakis, Jain, Krishnamchari, Mitra, Psounis, Scholtz, Willner

    5:30pm Social networking & family time

    7:30pm Banquet Dinner featuring the Keynote Talk by Dr. Robert Lucky, The Joys and Disappointments of Engineering

    9:30pm Musical ensemble by USC faculty and Ph.D. students

    10:00pm Social networking & family time

    Sunday, 3/27/2011
    8:00am Buffet Breakfast

    9:00am Social networking & family time

    11:30pm Hotel check-out

    12:30pm Buffet lunch

    1:30pm Welcome by the EE department chairs, department status report

    2:00pm Illustrious Past 5 Decades

    2:30pm Roundtable discussion on “Past 4 Decades of Electrical Engineering at USC” by Profs Breuer, Cheng, Golomb, Hellwarth, Lindsey, Mendel, Sawchuck, Scholtz, Steier

    3:30pm Coffee break

    4:00pm Roundtable discussion on “Crystal Ball: USC Electrical Engineering Beyond 2020” by Profs. Brun, Krishnamachari, Narayanan, Ortega, Psounis, Zhou

    5:30pm Buses depart resort and return to USC


For all questions or to submit photos please contact Danielle Hamra, Ming Hsieh Business Officer at 213-740-2694 or hamra@usc.edu